Randy Meek Homes



Most homes have a few problems that need to be corrected before we can do the things that make a home beautiful. The following is a list of what we look for before we even begin.

  • 1 | The Foundation

    Concrete foundations can settle and may no longer be level due to the soils of Central Texas, which vary from solid limestone to expansive clay. Drainage issues can also cause some of these problems. We consider all of these factors before we do a face-lift or an extensive add-on to your home.

    Houses on pier and beam foundations can have termite and moisture rot. They can also become uneven due to settling. The sub-floor may not be sturdy enough to support a tile floor without future cracking.

  • 2 | Electricity and Gas

    Electricity is the life blood of all houses. It runs your water well, air conditioner, lights, computer, security system, etc. Many houses have wiring that has been worked on and the finished product is not to code and possibly unsafe. Some houses have been added onto, and the main breaker no longer meets the electrical demands of the home. We take all of this into account when we look at your project.

    Gas installation and safety in your home is one of the most important factors that we evaluate. We take extra care to make sure the system you have is installed properly and running efficiently.

  • 3 | Plumbing

    The water in your home should be clean, safe and abundant. Whether you use City water, a water well or rain water collection, there is a right way to install all of these systems, and we make sure your existing system functions well. Some of the most common issues we address are corrosion, rust in the line, water leaks, improper venting and undersized supply lines.

    Septic system considerations have become increasingly important because of the need to protect precious ground water. Many homes are using septic systems, and the options can be confusing. Finding the proper system, at a cost that fits your budget, is very important. We have one of the best installers available; he is very knowledgeable and conscientious.

  • 4 | Structural Framing

    We take framing very seriously; we have been using the same framing crew since 1987. All of our trusses are engineered, all blueprints are stamped by a licensed architect, and all work is inspected by a licensed engineer.

    We specialize in complicated, interesting and artistic architecture. We have the knowledge and the experience to create your ideal living environment.

  • 5 | Finish Out

    The rest of the project is Randy Meek Homes taking your ideas and making them a reality. You make the selections, and we let our craftsmen make your dreams come true.

    We work with professionals who can help you with interior and exterior design selections, financing, and architecture. We specialize in home theatres, landscaping, swimming pools, drainage issues and anything else you would like assistance with.

"As a newly married couple, we selected Randy to build our first home in Driftwood. His experience, wisdom, and patience allowed us to build a wonderful custom home that exceeded our expectations. A few years later we were expecting our second child and had Randy add 2 bedrooms and a bathroom to our existing home. The job was done so well that people don't even know we added on. We highly recommend Randy and his team." - Laura and Mark Rutledge